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2 years ago



I am always a big follower of the NYX products. These products are always very good in quality but quantity it a little less. This curve jet is a newest model which enables an easy makeup which does not take much time. There is no smudging or spilling of the contents. Its ergomatic curve is really very useful to put the eyeliner. Even though I like eyeliners a lot, every time I will be need some one’s assistance to make sure that I put it neatly. But now with the help of this eyeliner I am free and comfortable. The colour is perfect and dark. Two or three coatings would not be necessary for the make up. There is nothing to worry. It is not completely water proof and also lasts for 8 hours. The tailing part of the eyeliner is a little difficult as you all might know. This has been very easy for me now And i can finish of in seconds. The tip of the curve jet is like a pen and it glides smoothly and evenly and also there is no cracking in the curve. It consists quite a number of ingredients, but it has not caused any allergic reaction to my skin or to my friends who have been using it. The grip of the curve Makes it very handy. A cap is given to cover the tip of the eyeliner but the tip get a little dry even if let open for some time. And I feel it is a little costly as eyeliners are something that are been used everyday. Not all can afford to buy such a costly one to every day use. But as far the quality is concerned, then it is very nice. If use feel to bug it just checking ok once if you can afford it.

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