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The NYX Double-Stacked Mascara is a fiber mascara. It consists of two tubes - one containing a very dark black and opaque mascara and the other containing fibers to add extra length, volume, and lift to your lashes. The fibers are sandwiched in between two layers of the mascara to give your lashes a stacked effect. This formula is washable to make removal easy, but it still resists water to a great extent, making it suitable for people with watery eyes. It is the perfect product for people with naturally scanty lashes who want to make them look luscious. It is long-lasting and does not weigh the lashes down.

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I love anything that goes on my eyes to make it more Bright, Beautiful and attractive. It was during my cousins wedding I used mascara first. I have been longing to try a mascara before that but only on that occasion I was able to go to shopping and get a good mascara. It was a regular normal mascara from Lakme and it went on well. And one day when I was in a discussion with my friend about eyeliner, kajal and mascara, she said me about this NYX double stacked mascara. She said she got it as a sample and it worked on well for her. For the first time I heard her say that this packing consists of two tubes. The packaging is made up of a regular carton box which has all the details about the product. Inside the box that are two tubes One black another one white. The black tube is slightly longer than the white one. The black tube has the mascara and it has a a applicator brush fine bristles. The short white tube has a swirl applicator brush. This packaging is travel friendly but it's very expensive for a mascara. The black tube contains the mascara which is black in colour this is used as a base and also as a top coat. The white yolk contains nylon fibre liquid which is white in colour. So there is actually a three step process for the application of this mascara. First you have to apply the black mascara over your eyelashes. Allow to dry. Now take the white nylon fibre using the swirl brush and apply it over the base coat. This white nylon fibre does real magic. Again apply the black mascara over this. You could see the length of your eyelashes lengthened instantly. Do not over apply the white nylon fibre thinking to increase the eyelashes length as it may result in clumping. This stays for longer hours and you will need a good oil makeup remover to remove this.

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