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MAC Prep And Prime BB Beauty Balm with SPF 35 is an effective BB cream that provides light coverage to the skin. This beauty balm improves skin texture and covers the stubborn imperfections. It controls oil and provides an even finish to the face. For best results, apply this beauty balm to your moisturized face right before applying the foundation. The MAC Prep And Prime BB Beauty Balm is available in six shades for different skin tones. These include Caramel Beige (Medium Dark), Tan Beige (Medium Plus), Light Beige (Light Plus), Warm Beige (Medium), Neutral Tone Beige (Dark Plus), and Pale Ivory (Light).

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When I was a beginner to makeup I never knew a product name primer was available and it is necessary to use a primer before you do your makeup. I just thought a primer if something like a moisturizer which moisturises the skin. But I was wrong. It is a product which sets the base for makeup. They help in reducing the fine lines and help in concealing the pores. To be simple they prepare the skin for makeup. This product MAC Prep And Prime BB Beauty Balm contains both primer and bb cream which serves a dual purpose. The product is available according to your skin type. If you have a oily skin, then you could buy the tube form and if you have a dry skin then you have to buy the compact form. As I have an oily skin, tube suits me. This tube is black in color with a black screw type cap. This product is sleek and easy to be tugged in a bag. The price is expensive but worthy. As there are limited shades available , carefully choose the shade which suits you. Wash and clean your face and then pat them dry. now apply the MAC Prep And Prime BB Beauty Balm product over the skin and you are ready to go. This product has a medium consistency which gets exposed into the skin quickly and easily. It made the skin soft and supple. It rejuvenate the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. The shade tint gives a sheer coverage over the imperfections. This primer has SPF 35 which is an added advantage. So for this reason you can use the product during both day and night. If you have a acne prone skin then you should think twice as this product have lead to breakouts for few with sensitive skin. It makes the skin look healthy through the makeup and it also prolongs the wear of makeup.

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