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2 years ago

Good but expensive


Eyeshadows are something I adore recently. They add beauty to our eyes. With a perfect jet black eyeliner and a shade of eyeshadow pop up your eyes looking amazing and attractive. I have never used an eyeshadow until my marriage. When I was purchasing few makeup things for my marriage so that I could use it when I go out to parties, my friend suggested me to get one eyeshadows. Initially I thought it is just a waste of money spending on a eyeshadow as I was a beginner and didn't have much interest in it. But as we all know, we have to attend a lot of parties, functions and get together which are specially organized for the newly weds, you have to look special, right? So, I will be the main attention at those places, I thought of getting one. This Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow comes in various shades to suit every people preferences according to their style. It comes in a black square compact case with a transparent lid. This is a flip flop lid and it does close tightly, so you need not worry about the spilling part and it is travel friendly. The shades can be bought separately or can be arranged together to form a palette. But as the product was pricey, and me not a great lover of eyeshadow thought getting one shade would be fine when it is expensive. The shade champagne quartz is a beautiful mild shade of pink and champagne. I love pink shades and as I already had Lakme eyeshadow, this one did good. It is a universal shade which suits all skin tones. The shade is creamy and has a shimmery effect and it could be used as a highlighter too. They are pigmented well and you would need 2 to 3 swipes for a perfect shade. One drawback which I feel about this is, it doesn't come with a mirror and a applicator brush. You will need a primer as base for longer staying power and to minimize the fallout.

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