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The L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Eye Cream makes the eye area firm and smooth. This anti-aging eye cream makes your eyes look gorgeous. It works deep within to make the eye lids firmer and reduces wrinkles. This revolutionary cream, consisting of advanced Pro-Retinol+Fibrelastyl, is especially formulated for the gentle eye area. It forms a good base for the foundation and eye makeup. This moisturizing cream gets absorbed quickly and improves skin texture. The anti-aging elements of this cream repair and rejuvenate skin. It not only enhances radiance but also reduces crow’s feet and improves skin density. The L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Eye Cream can be used both during the day and night.

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Good moisturizer for the skin around eyes Nilofer approves this product
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As our eyes are the windows of our soul we would like to keep it attractive without any fine lines and wrinkles. One of my friend works in a software industry where she gets to work in front of a PC for a longer time. due to this she has lack of sleep and eyes are very dull. She is not across 30 but ice look as though they are aged over 35. She has dark circles, wrinkles and eye bags under eyes. She was the girl who had Beautiful eyes in our college but as she didn't get good sleep her Eyes looked droopy. When she went to a store the sales girl over there suggested to use L'Oreal Paris revitalift eye cream. She also said that she had sold many products and her customers were satisfied with the results. So my friend got it even though there was a little quantity for more money. This product comes in a tubform with a red cap. Personally, I feel tub form are unhygienic as we have to put in our fingers each time and the product didn't have a spatula with it. As the tub is small it is travel friendly and can be carried in a handbag. The cream is white with a yellow tint colour. It has a thick creamy consistency. But even though it has a thick creamy consistency the cream gets absorbed into the skin very easily and it does not feel sticky or crazy. It feels lightweight like a moisturizer and does not feel heavy. Apply the cream around the eye area and you will feel instant cooling effect which soothens the skin around the eye area. Also this cream does not form any white casting layer during hot climate. It does work on the dry areas of the eye and hydrates the skin properly. it reduces the fine lines and you could see a slight change on it but there is not any drastic change on the wrinkles and this cream did not change or lighten the dark circles.

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