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When it comes to eye makeup and highlighting the eyes, most of us concentrate on our eyes and leave our eyebrows thinking it is a something apart from eyes. The eyeliner, kohl, eyeshadow makes our eye to pop out but without grooming your eyebrows you are definitely going to miss something. Now, coming back to NYX Professional Makeup 3 In 1 Brow Pencil, this one is a good product to groom your eyebrows. For better results, shape your eyebrows before using this product. The packaging consists of 3 products : eyebrow gel, eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencil. The product is travel friendly that it can be carried easily in a hand bag. The price of the three product is cheaper than buying them separately. Let me explain you each product separately and how to use them. The eyebrow pencil is used first. The product is claimed to be useful for drawing a precise outline of the eyebrow. This comes in a retractable pen type just like the Lakme iconic kajal. This is creamy and soft. As they are creamy they don't give a proper line as it tucks in some areas. It can be used for filling the gaps in eyebrows if you have. If you have big gaps, then you can use some this product. This creamy product colors the gaps but it has to be shaped using a spiral brush. The eyebrow powder comes with a foam applicator. This applicator is not of much use as the Powder has a lot of fallout, it messes our face during the application. And you have to clean the mess before applying your concealer or Foundation. The last one is the eyebrow gel it is of liquid consistency which is slightly thicker. It has a applicator brush which is used for the application of the gel on the eyebrows. The problem with this applicator as it does not apply the gel over your eyebrows properly and you could find your eyebrow to be clumsy. If you have a dense eyebrows then this might be a problem but if you have less hair in your eyebrows then it might be useful.

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