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2 years ago

Very expensive


I have a very oily and acne prone skin. I try on everything that someone recommends to keep my face clear. I do a lot of research before buying the product. sometimes my friends help me in suggesting the product, so I could use them on my face without getting any acne. One of my friend suggested me that the body shop tea tree blemish gel helps in reducing the acne. she told that she read it on a website page it works good. And so I thought off I could give it a try. This body shop tea tree blemish gel comes in dark green tube with a green screw type cap. it looks similar to a eyeliner in a tube. The cap holds a applicator brush which has a soft sponge for the application. The tube is sleek and can be easily carried in a purse. There is no chance of leakage and it is travel friendly. When we look into its price, it makes a hole in the wallet for the quantity they give. Now coming to the product description. The product is gel type as it is given in its name. It is colourless and contains the extract of tea tree oil which is claimed to reduce the blemishes. The texture is very soft and dries within seconds on the skin. It does not feel heavy or greasy so it can be worn under or over a makeup. You will need to apply this gel twice a day. Take the gel using the applicator and dot on the blemishes alone. They don't block the pores or feels heavy on the blemishes. I couldn't find any difference in my blemishes even after continuous usage. the blemishes did reduce but this product doesn't have any quicker reaction to the blemishes. so I am not sure whether this product did the slow process or the blemishes got reduced by itself as it always used to be for me.

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