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2 years ago

Good cleansing soap


I have been using Dettol antiseptic liquid since my childhood. My mother used to use this liquid for the cleaning purpose especially when she wants to sanitize something like children's dress, cleaning floor etc.. and I love its fragrance. After few years I could see that dettol brand manufacturing soap which also had the same smell but I was not interested in getting it as the packaging looked ordinary and not attractive. But when I went to shopping this summer to buy a good soap for my oily is skin to prevent odour and to keep me fresh I saw Dettol skincare soap with good packaging which also claimed to have moisturiser in it. The Dettol soap has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which killed the germs and prevent various diseases. The packaging also had a rose petal picture which look good. The price of the soap is reasonable and affordable. You also get some offers like if you buy 3 you get one soap free. Before using this soap I read some reviews about it and it said that this soap has been recommended by doctors. I use the soap only for my body and it cleanses the body. It removes the dirt impurities and sweat from the body. You feel fresh and it has fragrance which is similar to that of Dettol Liquid. It is solid and dissolves in water moderately and does not dissolve quickly like the soap Dove. It does not dry my oily skin but I am not sure about how it reacts to dry skin and sensitive skin. I used it on my face as I had acne but I didn't see any dramatic results. Overall it is a good cleansing soap that can be used during the summer.

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