Maybelline New York Ultra Cover Cushion SPF 50 Reviews

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1 year ago

Average product


Hydrates skin

Smooth appearance

Blends well

Travel friendly

BB creams are very essential in a makeup kit. It is a base for other makeup products and it acts as a protector form the suns UV rays. This makes the skin look even and gives a fresh tone to the skim. This Maybelline product is a BB cream which is in a compact model which is very easy to use and only little quantity comes in the applicator when used. It makes the skin moisturized and hydrates the skin. It blends good with the skin and gives a simple glow to the face. It faded the dark circles and dark spots on my face and makes my face look clear and clean. It is travel-friendly and very comfortable to use. It has good shades but not suitable for very dry or very oily skin.

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