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1 year ago

Good but expensive


Amazing fragrance

Transparent body

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist comes in a transparent cylindrical bottle with the spray dispenser. it is a body Mist which has an amazing strawberry fragrance that keeps us refreshed and lively. it is a colourless liquid which does not stain your clothes. Spray the body Mist over your body few times after bathing or showering on damp skin. You could also mix them with body moisturizer or gel which you use after showering. It stays for a pretty long time and you could spray them again if needed. the price is very expensive for a body mist but the fragrance is amazing. They are also available in other variants which one could try. There are some availability issues but still, you could order them online. As the bottle is transparent it is convenient for us to see the amount of quantity left behind after every use.

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