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2 years ago

Not satisfied


MAC is one such product which usually preferred by all and I am one among them. I have tried most of the MAC products and have liked most of them. When I heard that such a kind of eyeliner was available in MAC I desired to buy this one. I must say that I was so much interested that, even when I came to know that this product was not available in the nearby store I asked my cousin to buy it for me and give it to me the next day. In spite of so much of expectations and eagerness I must say that I was awfully upset when I used this product . In other words I can also say that this product can be used by beginners who try for the first time practicing how to use the eyeliner This is a product which is no way suitable for experts and definitely not for party wears. The brush that they had provided is a very short one and also not that flexible. It is like a sharp pin pointing tip and I myself did not have an idea of how to properly use the brush. May be this brush can be used for correcting the already drawn line on the lid. This product has only one shade and they have told that it is a dark pigmentation and deep black. I did not find any such colour in that. It is a sort of dark grey and it did not suit my eye. The only reason I finished using it was because it was expensive and I did not want to waste the make up product that i have brought. Otherwise I am sure that I would have dumped this product at an earlier stage. One more thing is that it is not a smudge proof products and never does it suit an oily person or a sweaty person. Just to use it up I used to every day and I found it very hard to manage the whole day with the smudging character of this product. I dint expect such a product form MAC.

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