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VLCC Skin Tightening Facial Kit is an Ayurvedic recipe prepared using latest scientific procedures. This facial kit consists of 5 sachets- Indian Berberry Face Scrub, Lime Massage Gel, Wheat Skin Tightening Cream, Geranium Face Pack and one vial of Vitalift. While the berberry scrub repairs and exfoliates the skin, lime gel removes spots and beautifies it. The wheat cream tightens your skin, and geranium prevents aging. Vitalift helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This facial claims to improve the natural self-cleansing function of your skin. VLCC Skin Tightening Facial Kit lasts for up to 5 facials.

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I am not used to the products of VLCC. I’ve heard of the name before and some have also mentioned that it works real fine on face. Still I just skipped the part where they recommend to buy it and I concentrated on the usual products I used to buy. The product I was using was good and thought it was quite satisfying and I also that there was nothing much I can do about the texture of my skin. I should say that I was a little anxious to try out a new product and feared that that my face would get even worse. My friend once became very stubborn and commanded me to buy and use this product. For her satisfaction I bought it. I dint use it until then. Then she herself came on a weekend and did the whole procedure herself. After I saw the effects of the product I was really awestruck. It was awesome and I feel bad that I had missed such a good product. It comes in five separate forms. Each one has a specific use. The creamy scrub has fine granules like particles and it helps in exfoliation. It doesn’t feel hard on my skin even though it is a sensitive one. Initially I was able to notice brightening effect on my skin. The product is extremely good. They also provide a powder like shache which must be mixed with the vital liquid which they provide. When applied on it provides firmness to skin and also gives a healthy feeling to the skin. There are also other two shache which helps to removes the black heads, white heads and markings and scars on the face. There is mild immediate change, but when used the second and third time I could find I huge difference and I loved it very much. This product is really worth of its cost and I recommend that if you try it you will also be awestruck by seeing the benefits of these products.

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I am not used to the products of VLCC. I’ve heard of the name before and some have also mentioned that it works real fine on face. Still I just skip …..