Lotus Herbals Jojoba Wash Active Milli Capsules Nourishing Face Wash Reviews

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2 years ago

Expensive but good


This lotus herbal face wash was introduced to me just as an accident. While I was window shopping I saw this face wash on the rack for display. It’s appearance itself made me want it. I really wanted to buy it. Those small Milli particles inside the face wash attracted me more. It was so cute and it was as though it called me. Instead of doing window shopping I got this I and came. I really feel happy that I have bought this product. I would not say that it an entirely perfect product but it is comparatively good. It is really nice on my face. A small quantity is enough and I crush those small tiny granules when applying on face. It is a tedious work to do. The face wash is really slippery and crushing them is like hardest part in washing the face. There is plenty of plus also. It has a very gentle and mild smell. It contains vitamin E and it nourishes the skin. It adds firmness to my skin and also glow. It is mostly suitable for all types of skin and may be sometimes in summer condition it might not being suitable to oily people. It has lightened the scar mark on and removed or reduced the bigger acne I had on my face. It hydrates the skin and keeps it healthy and soft and smooth. I like this product very much and find it very beneficial . It is only in a tube form and very travel friendly. It is very effective when used two times a day I will recommend others to try this product definitely because a product like this cannot be missed. It might seem a little costly .

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