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2 years ago

Perfect moisturizer for dry skin


Bobbi brown is one of the luxurious brand that works well on skin to satisfy its users. Their products are crafted specially and designed in such a way which makes it easy to use. This bobbi Brown extra repair serum is especially designed for the people who have dry skin. It hydrates the skin intensely and gives a soft texture. The product claims to moisturize the skin deeply and make it hydrated for longer hours. One of my friend who has dry skin uses this product and it is also expensive. Since she has a very dry skin and no other moisturiser suits her well she uses this especially when she goes to a party or function. This product comes in small transparent bottle with a pump dispenser which makes it convenient to use without making a mess. It is also travel friendly. This moisturiser serum is milky white in colour and feels light on skin. It has a lotion type consistency and spreads effortlessly over the skin. Apply the serum after you shower over damp skin. This gets absorbed quickly and completely giving a non greasy look. It also nourishes the skin and make it appear healthy and supple. It also works as a perfect base under a makeup. It adds subtle glow when used during the makeup and prevents the makeup from caking. On usage for skin appears plumpy with a soft texture. The skin feels silky smooth and reminds hydrated for longer hours it also remove the patchy skin. You won't need an extra moisturiser when using this hydrating serum. Overall it is a perfect hydrating moisturizer for dry skin that makes the skin supple and healthy. It's lightweight formula forms perfect base during makeup. Even though it is expensive it is worthy.

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