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1 year ago

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My brother loves trying cosmetics. He always try different beauty products especially made for men and would say why should girls have all the fun. So, when Nivea launched this product in market, he was super excited as he was using my skin lightening cream for his pigmented skin. He also had dark spots as he goes out in the sun for work. He doesnt wear a sunscreen most of the time when he is in a hurry to office. So, When he saw the advertisement on TV for Nivea Dark Spot Reduction Cream, he went to shop and bought the small version of the product which comes in the round compact tin case. This case remained me of my childhood days when the original Nivea moisturizer used to come. This packaging looks exactly the same but they have changed the color of the tin to dark blue and grey. The product inside is creamy like that of the original cream. It is sift and easy to apply. After cleansing his face, he dot the cream all over his face and neck. Then blend it with fingers. It gets absorbed easily into his dry skin. It is a perfect moisturizer but when you take about the lightening effects, it is not so effective. It takes lot of time to show results .

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