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1 year ago

Quality should improve


Honey is one of the product that always comes in my grocery list. It has multi purpose and also multi beneficial. Honey is very good for children to treat cold. It has many nutritional values that I recommend all to buy. So, recently I thought of trying Patanjali Honey. This product comes in a glass bottle which is very difficult to handle, especially when you have a toddler at home, you should be careful to store it in a place where they could not reach. I use honey as a natural sweetner in milk and this honey was too sweet due to the jaggerey content. It is not 100 percent pure and sometimes I also have it with my dosa or idly, when I feel bored to cook. So I have stopped using it for food due to the sweet content. Instead I use it with my face pack. Any it is good when I using it that way. My skin feels soft and hydrated after I wash my face. It also doesn't cause any irritation or further breakouts when used on face. The price is affordable but the quality should really improve.

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