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1 year ago

Okay good


Affordable Smoothens skin

Since my 17 years of age, I have these pimples. What so ever medicine I take it was all a temporary relief! The complaints occurred again and again. Then I consulted an ayurvedic doctor. He advised me this cream. After applying I had a smoothening effect on my face. It makes my skin soft and gentle. The pains over the pimples have reduced and feel very comfortable on my skin. After applying it gives a cooling sensation on my face. Compared to other medications I am quite happy with this cream. The recurrences of these pimples have reduced. This cream is suitable for all types of skins and I have no irritations to this cream. I also recommended this cream to my friend and she also felt comfortable with this cream. It contains natural ingredients. The thing is that it is available in certain shops only. It takes some time for this cream to give a proper effect. It is a small tube and travel friendly. It is easy to use also. I really like this product.

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