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2 years ago

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Travel friendly Easy to use Cleanses hair Affordable.

Kaytra Shampoo For Frizzy Hair claims to make hair soft and frizz free. It also says it contains 100% natural ingredients but I read in a blog that it contains SLS which means it does contain some chemicals. The shampoo comes in a decent looking plastic bottle which is flip open cap. It is travel friendly and affordable. The shampoo is specially designed for people with very dry and frizzy hair. It is said to contain the goodness of coconut oil and argan oil which nourishes the hair and repairs the damaged. The shampoo lathers well with a small amount of the product and water. I agree that it cleanses both hair and scalp perfectly from dirt, impurities and oil. But hair does look dry even water shampooing not worse but better than before. It softens hair to an extent like I said previously. But claiming to be frizz free is not fair. Also my friend said it makes her oily hair oily after few hours of hair wash. The fragrance is pleasing. You will need a conditioner if you have a curly dry hair for better results.

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