L.A. Girl Hd Pro Setting Powder Reviews

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1 year ago

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My friend once got La Girl Hd Pro Setting Powder in white shade which was the greatest mistake she did. Usually white powder suits her medium skin tone but this setting powder left white casting layer over her foundation and changed the makeup look completely. The product comes in a small jar with a inner lid. The product is very loose and once you take the inner lid, it is powdery and more product gets in the brush. So you should be careful while taking it slightly. The powder covers the pores and gives a mattified look for a long time which is really good. The powder does not blend well with the foundation and turns patchy so you will need to dab them on skin softly and not to blend. Also, you cannot carry it in your handbag as the product gets messy when you open the cap and it is better to have it lying in your vanity. Beginners will have some difficulty in blending but it is good that it hides pores and fine lines. overall, it is a decent dusting powder for oil free look.

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