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1 year ago

Not worthy


My brother is only 20 years old and he was very interested to style his hair. He wanted something to make his hair look so good and wanted to make different styles each day. So one day I bought this product and gifted it to him. He started using it. At the beginning he did not know how the product really works and he thought that this product really worked well. Then later when he compared his product with his friend’s product he became so much upset. This made me upset very badly. This product actually made his hair look oily sometimes and gives the worst matte appearance. The style he does becomes clumsy and by the end of the day he looks in a different way. It feels light weighted on his hair and was almost non-greasy. Sometimes it made his hair look so oily too. His hair looks so shiny in the sunlight and it is perfectly not a good choice in the winter season. It says this product protects the hair from all kinds of damage but my brother was not able to find any kind of such effect from this product. I felt really bad for buying such a gift for my brother and I never will buy this product ever again.

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