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Avg Ratings : 4.2


2 years ago

Expensive but good


Travel friendly

dries quickly

avoid yellowing of nails

avoids stripping of nail polish

gives a Shiny finish

extend the time of nail polish

OPI Top Coat comes in a small bottle which last for longer time. This product is expensive but for the results it gives one could buy it if you are so very obsessed with nail polish and its long lasting effects. my friend got this top coat. This product was good over her nails giving them shine. she used it on her nail polish to extend the wear time of the nails lacquer. this product does avoid chipping of the nails and stripping of nail polish. you could have a good shiny nails for about 5 to 7 days after which it does chip at the edges. the nails appear strong and it also prevents yellowing. the packaging is travel friendly with the wide brush with which it covers your nails in just two swipes. the product dries quickly and prevents smudging of nail polish. She always use this and is satisfied with the results.

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