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Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream keeps your face hydrated all through the day. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, extracts of olive oil and glacial glycoprotein the ultra cream ensures the skin's moisture balance. Ideal for dry skin, this lightweight cream gives 24 hours hydration. The cream works best during dry conditions when the weather is harsh. It nourishes the skin deeply, moisturizes intensely, giving a well-hydrated skin that looks radiant, healthy and supple.

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I used to have a soft and smooth skin in my younger age. But now I don’t know how it became dry, but it seems to look like a parched land with cracks and white peeling like skin. Naturally I was advised to use oil regularly to make my skin and smooth. Even though I used oil the effect lasts only for 4-5 hours and it becomes dry again. I also tried few moisturizing cream to make my skin feel better, but it’s effect also lasted only for few minutes. Then a friend of mine advised me to use this moisturizing cream and she told me that it would be perfect for me. I started using this product and now it’s been two weeks and I can see a very good improvement on my skin. This cream keeps my skin moisturized almost throughout the day. The parched and cracked appearance changed. The burning sensation is not present anymore. It keeps the skin hydrated and my skin is soft and smooth now. While applying there is a different smell but it disappears within minutes. It is given in a box like container and the cream is so smooth to apply. I feel that if at all it is provided in a tube like thing it would be better. It is a very good product and I really love it.

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