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2 years ago

Good one


I love highlighting my eyes. I would love to try any new eye makeup that is available in stores and at an affordable price. This Faces Magneteyes Eyeliner is one such product. The product comes in a good looking, attractive red tube. The brush has a fine tip and so if you love thin line with a great jet black colour then this is for you. The price is budget friendly like I said before. The product is easy to use and stays on the eyelids for quite few hours like about 5 hours. It rarely smudges that too when you rub your eyes harshly. The eyeliner is intensely pigmented which I love the most in it. There is no irritation or strong fragrance that would make you shrink your face. Always comes in handy when you are on the go and travel friendly. The brand had did their best in this product. And highlights your eyes. It is easy to get a winged eye look and I love it. I will surely recommend this product if you are looking for a budget friendly eyeliner with intense pigmentation.

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