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1 year ago



During my school and college days, I always have the fear of staining my dress. I often go and check whether I would need to change my pad. No matter whatever high-quality sanitary napkins I used, I had the fear. I face high flow during the first 2 days of menses and that is the time I needed a safety sanitary pad. Then I came to know about VWash Sanitary Pads. I went to the store and got a pack. The price was really high when compared to other brands' sanitary pads. These pads are available in various sizes and all are thin making it convenient for us to wear it comfortablely and undoubtedly when we wear jeans with short tops. The product is really good. You won't have the fear of it staining your dress. There is no leakage and the pad feels dry always with no irritation or itching feeling. It feels soft and no burning sensation. Also, there is no leakage and foul odor even when you are stuck with longer days. As the price is high, I prefer them during the first 2 days.

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