BVLGARI Splendida Jasmin Noir Eau De Parfum Reviews

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1 year ago

Amazing fragrance


I loved using perfumes when I used to be in my younger ages. Even when I was little the smell and the appearance of different perfumes attracted me and I was so crazy about them. But recently I have become sensitive to smells and light for the past two years. I couldn’t accept that I can’t use any perfumes that I want to. It became a great irritation for me that j had to go in search of perfumes that are very mild and gentle and they should not irritate me. I started reading reviews and went through a lot of products. Once when I went to a mall I saw this perfume. The colour and appearance of the this perfume attracted me so badly. It was in a green coloured and differently shaped bottle and the cap was also cute. I wanted to try it out and it had the gentle smell of Jasmine and cashmere and patchouli wood. It was one of the best smell I’ve smelled before. I really loved it and bought it. Even though the smell was so gentle it lasted for a day and I could even sleep with the smell. Finally a product that could satisfy my desire.

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