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Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10 Body Lotion contains Vitamin B3 and AHA, which makes the skin look young. This lotion helps in restoring the skin tone, lightens the skin, helps in the reduction of marks, and boosts radiance. It visibly reduces lines and deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin. The fragrance of the lotion is captivating and lingers on. It does not disturb sensitive skin and does not cause any redness or allergic reactions after use.

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I love using products from the brand Vaseline. It is gentle and I trust them since childhood as I have seen my parents using it. This Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10 Body Lotion is also one of their good product which I like. Initially, I tried the very small version as I was not sure how it would work. But it was good. So I got the bigger version with a pump dispenser. The product comes in a light pink plastic bottle. If you prefer using it during travel, then you could go for the small version with either turn and open cap or flip open cap. But I find the turnaround and open cap more leakage-free than the flip open cap but the choice is yours. This product has an amazing fragrance that fills around you when you apply the moisturizer over your skin. It has a very light pink tint and glides smoothly over my skin as it has a very soft texture. It blends well with my skin and it settles as nongreasy. After the application, I could see a slight change of my skin tone to the betterment. Just a slight change. It moisturizes the skin well and I love it.

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