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1 year ago

Good one


I usually prefer brushes from either Colgate or Sensodyne. I feel these two brands excel in manufacturing the right brushes for their consumers. The price is affordable and when you buy it in a pack of three then it is even cheaper as you get 1 as free or at a discounted price. I usually get the set of 3 packs and store it on my shelf so that I or my family members could use it when we need it. This Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrush is specially designed with slimmer bristles that are soft and have a flexible neck. This flexible neck bends the toothbrush and helps it to reach every corner of the mouth. They don't damage the teeth or gums as the bristles are soft and finely packed. It removes the tartar deposited on the teeth and along the gum line. It also has a tongue cleaner at the back of the brush and you need not look or for a tongue cleaner after your brushing. It also travels friendly as it comes with the tongue cleaner. The brush suits people with sensitive gums too. With proper toothpaste, you get clean, fresh and healthy teeth and gums.

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