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2 years ago

Works good


My friend got Miss Claire Eyebrow Pencil in the shade black. This is one of the eyebrow pencil which is got at an affordable price. It is sleek and travel friendly. The packaging is of a pencil type. It has to be sharpened to use it before using it on your eyebrows. The product is covered by a cap which holds a tiny brush that is used for combing. This product gives a quick cover up on the eyebrows. Just brush your eyebrows first using the tiny brush and align it perfectly. Then use the sharpened pencil and color it between the hair and draw a outer line. Shade slowly and gently. The creamy texture of the product glides smoothly over the eyebrows and gives you a natural look. They don't smudge until you rub it. At the same time it is not waterproof too. She liked this eyebrow pencil and got an dark brown shade too. It can be carried in your handbag but you should also take a sharpener with you to sharpen it. It does what it can do for it's price and don't expect a professional or a well groomed eyebrows.

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