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1 year ago

Not as expected


Nice smell

I used to be fair and had an even toned skin when I was in my younger age. After I had got into my profession I have to go to many places in the sun and my face became dull and I lost the healthy look on my face. One of my friend suggested me this soap and with an eagerness I got this product. I started to use this product and I expected a radiant look and the glow back on my face. But I was not able to get anytime like that. It was just like an ordinary soap. It made me feel fresh few minutes after the face wash. There is nothing much that I can explain further. They have explained about the gold foils which could enrich my face and I hoped that it would bring back the old me. This product is too costly for the effect it gives. In short I can say that it has given me no special effect and I have wasted my money on it. It is like every other normal ordinary soap. I would recommend others not to waste money on this soap.

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