L’Oreal Inoa Ammonia Free Permanent Colour Reviews

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1 year ago

Amazing product


No ammonia

I used to have dark black hair and it used to be long. The appearance used to be wavy and i had many admirer for my hair. After I finished schooling I had to go to a boarding college and I was not able to take proper care for my hair. The wave of my hair was lost and the density also reduced. I planned to colour my hair. But I had no idea about what product to use and what colour to use. Then a friend who has done a permanent coloring to her hair suggested me this product. She said that it is ammonia free and it does not cause any harm to the hair. Trusting her I also coloured my hair with this product and now my hair looks awesome. It takes a little longer time to bring up the colour to my hair. It gives a glow to my hair and gives a lustrous effect on my hair. I am very happy that this is ammonia free and so it would not cause any damage to my hair. It does not cause any damage to my scalp too. I would definitely suggest this product to my friends too.

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