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1 year ago

A good one


My friend received Casmara Algae Peel Off Mask for free to review it on her blog. So she was excited to try it out. She has used many face masks before and many dint work out good out it just cleansed her face like a face wash. This product was something different and slightly better than other and still not the best. She cleansed her face and then applied a purifying serum from the same brand. The packaging had 2 sachet and she had to mix them both in the given lid to form a paste. The sachet should be emptied and then should be mixed for quite some time or it forms lumps. So she stirred the mix till the paste was free from lumps. Then she applied it over her face leaving her eyes open. She lay back having her me time while her children Were at school. Just relaxing. It took about 30 minutes to dry completely. Now slightly she lifted the edges and peeled it off. The mixing and application was slightly messy but that's OK. After removing her mask she again applied the face serum. The mask cleansed her skin well and also removed few blackheads on her nose. So she was happy with it's results.

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