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2 years ago

Good but harsh granules


I still remember the day I used this every walnut scrub. I had come home to my aunt's house after traveling a long distance to pollution. Unfortunately, I didn't get my face wash and had to use the one my aunt had. I have used every orange peel-off mask but a scrub was a no. I didn't have a choice but to use it. The product comes in a plastic tube packaging which is travel-friendly. It has a flip open cap and had a picture of walnut on it. I wet my face and took the scrub on my palm. It was thick with brown granules. I just applied it on my face and started massaging thinking it would produce foam but it dint. I could feel the greasiness on my face especially near my eyes. The granules were harsh on my acne, so I gently rubbed over them. Then while rinsing my face I used a lot of water as the greasy feel dint go. But when I patted my face dry with a towel, I was amazed to see my face soft and glowy.

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