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2 years ago

Good one for styling hair


UrbanGabru Zero To Infinity Clay Hair Wax is one the good and reliable product for men who look forward to style their hair as they wish. This product comes in a black tub packaging. the price is slightly expensive for its quantity. This product suits Men with Short to medium length hair. It has a waxy texture. But does not feel the way once it becomes dry. The product is white in color and on rubbing over hair it turns colorless. It also has a mild Fragrance that is pleasing. Just take a small quantity of the wax in your palm. This product is made up of clay and wax. Now, rub both palms together and apply the wax on the hair and through it. Once applied, hair feels greasy. Style the hair before it dries. Once dried it is set. The product is good to use and remove. It rinses off in water easily without leaving behind and reside. Also the product is safe to use as it does not contain any harsh chemicals, parabens and sulphates. The results are not long lasting but as the hair is short they could apply and style their hair again within minutes.

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