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1 year ago

Good one


My friend used to have long and beautiful wavy hair. After she has got into the business field, slowly her density of the hair started to reduce and so she also started to reduce the length of the hair. Now she is having hair only up to the region of the shoulder level. She has used different oils and Which are both chemical and herbal. But she was not able to find a much bigger improvement in her hair. Then she was introduced to this homoeopathic hair oil and she was promised a good and healthy hair. Jaborandi is a herbal plant that helps to nourish the scalp and also help to strengthen the hair. She also had complaints of itching and dandruff. After a month from using this Oil the dandruff complaints have reduced and the density of her hair have also started to increase. It has given her hair a healthy look and also shiny black effect to the hair. It has a pleasant herbal smell which does not irritate her. The oil is also not great and very easy to use. It’s effect lasts for Long hours but hair looks dry and neat. It does not cause any side effects. It is a really good oil and I am planning to use it also.

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