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1 year ago

Not satisfied


Having a oily skin itself is a trouble and having an acne prone skin with marks or scars adds more trouble to it. And I face these problems regularly. The Skin Alive Cream claims to Lightens the dark spots, scars and acne marks. It also promises to give a oil free skin. The product comes in a white plastic tube packaging that can be easily carried in a hand bag. The price is affordable for it's quantity. And you will not be able to get this product easily in stores. However you could still order them online. The cream has a white color which slightly brightens the skin tone instantly. It gets absorbed into the cleansed skin easily on a gentle massage. The product makes skin oil free. The products takes time to work on the scars and marks and there is no quicker results. You could use it as a fairness cream and to control oil secretion over face. And the cream works different for different people. One of my friend said the cream did not show any changes on her skin.

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