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1 year ago

Good but expensive


I have used a variety of shampoo and I would like to try more. When I was walking through the mall I saw this shampoo and felt that I would give it a try. My friend suggested that it was a costly shampoo and since we dint have any idea about it’s positive and negative she asked me not to bye. I saw the description of the product and it claimed to be made of rare and strong element which made me believe that this shampoo would make my hair soft and look better and shinier. I bought that shampoo with much confidence and did not mind that it was costly. I have a very frizzy hair and it would look more frizzy after a hair bath. It would to take almost a day or more to resolve my hair in a back to form look. After using this shampoo I was able to see a little improvement in my hair. It took half a day to resolve my hair and It is a good improvement. I love this shampoo.

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