Menarini Melalumin Under Eye Serum Reviews

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1 year ago

Not satisfied


I came across this Menarini Melalumin Under Eye Serum when I was just going through some of the beauty products in online. I wear glasses and I do have dark circles. I tried few roll on products but nothing seemed working. This product comes in a small plastic tube with a roll on type nozzle. The ball at the nozzle is rightly sized and does not irritate the skin while applying the serum. The product claimed to reduce dark circles with regular use and it was mentioned that we should use the product twice a day for better results. The product has a water consistency that does not make skin greasy, so that you could wear it under makeup. But this product did not show any good results. I read reviews which says the product worked. I think it works different for different people. And the price is also expensive for it's quantity.

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