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Face packs are something I look up-to for whenever my skin feels dry or dull. And sometimes when my skin needs a special attention. I usually don't go to parlours except if I have any functions to attend. Other times I am always occupied with house chores and my life with a toddler at home is really tiresome. This Nutriglow Wine Facial Kit claims to order a hydrated, bright skin. The kit is easy to store and also makes our job simpler. All you have to do is to spend some of your me time to pamper your skin and it is really important to take care of ourselves. The kit contains 6 products namely cleanser, gel, scrub, cream, face pack and a serum. There are instructions given in the box and you will have to follow it to get a beautiful skin. Start with the cleanser, followed by scrub. Both these steps cleanses our skin and purifies it. Now apply the gel and massage gently. It moisturizes our skin. The cream contains essential in that soothes our skin. Apply the face pack on your skin and allow it to dry. The face pack rejuvenates skin and reduces fine lines by giving a tightening effect. Finally after washing and patting your skin dry, you could use the serum to add glow. Your Skin appears soft and supple. You could also see your improved skin tone with a subtle sheen.

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