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1 year ago



Even though we get a soft and smooth skin after waxing out skin. The process is painful and not easy. The hot waxing done at parlour is difficult to be used at home as you will need someones guidance. But this Sleek Cold Wax is easy to use at home. All you will need is the product and disposable wax strips. Apply a thin layer of the product over the skin which needs to be waxed. Now place the disposable wax strips over it. Press gently and then remove the wax strips in the opposite directions. The process is really painful but it does not contain any allergies or rashes. The skin feels red after removing as it pulls of the hair but after using a genius moisturizer, it soothes down. It does not burn like hot wax but still pains. After the removal of hair, you will be happy to see your skin soft and smooth. The skin also appears a shade lighter than before.

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