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1 year ago

Good one


I have been using Nivea products since my childhood days. I trust the brand and the product it manufactures. Initially, I was using the moisturizing cream then slowly started trying out their lip balms and so on. The products have good quality and the brand tries to fulfill their claims. Nivea Musk Talc is one of their best products I knew. The product comes in a blue plastic bottle with a twist open cap that dispenses the powder through the holes. The packaging looks good and attractive with the dark color. But it does not travel-friendly. However, you could carry it in your travel bag while going on a vacation. The price is affordable. The powder has a fine texture that spreads on the skin smoothly. Also, it absorbs the sweat from the body and underarms. It has an amazing fragrance of musk which feels strong to combat body odor. This fragrance lingers on your body even after the powder fades. The powder smells like it is for men but it can be used by women as well. this powder is something like that of deodorant and does not have any medicinal benefits like soothing rashes or irritation. Overall, a powder with good musk fragrance.

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