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1 year ago

Best on acne prone skin


I have an oily and acne prone skin. The acne leaves scars when they disappears. Even though I try everything like homemade face pack for other facial products, it doesn't seem to lighten them. So, when I went for shopping to the store near my home, the store girl suggested me to use the tea tree oil as it would lighten the scar marks and give me a clear skin. This Organic Harvest Tea Tree Essential Oil comes in a glass bottle and it is very expensive for its quantity but if you have to lighten up your scars you will have to spend more on these. The tree tree oil has immense benefits and antimicrobial properties that fights against the germs causing acne and soothes the skin with dryness. The smell of this tea tree oil is amazing and uplifts your mood. You could either use the oil directly on your face or you could also mix them with the moisturizer and then apply. This oil can also be used on hair to control dandruff. It is really good product that I would recommend for acne skin.

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