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1 year ago

Amazing product


My father in law has sensitive teeth which causes him a tingling sensation when he eats something cold. So, he usually prefers toothpaste which prevents the sensitivity of his teeth. Sensitivity in teeth is caused due to the erosion of enamel over the teeth. This ICPA Thermoseal Repair Toothpaste is specially designed to get rid of this tingling sensation and the pain caused by the sensitivity of teeth. the paste specially formulated to form a protective barrier over the teeth which seems to seal the open tubules of teeth. The product comes in a tube packaging and is worthy for its price. He has been using sensitivity toothpaste for about an year and it has protected his teeth from the pain caused by sensitivity. The toothpaste also tastes good due to the Mint flavour added to it. Also, it combats bad order of mouth. The toothpaste is not advised for nursing and pregnant mothers.

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