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2 years ago

Reduces hairfall on continuous usage


Zycafy M Shampoo is specially formulated for men who is facing severe hair fall and scalp issues. The shampoo comes in a bottle packaging but it is very expensive. Also, the shampoo is not easily available in stores and you will have to buy them online. The shampoo lathers well and it contains the hair caring ingredients which nourishes hair and prevents hair loss. The shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp well removing dirt, impurities and excess oil. It makes the hair soft and helps in promoting hair growth by reducing hair fall. It also contains aloe vera extract that soothes the dryness of scalp preventing dandruff. The shampoo takes time to work and you should use it consistently to see the visible results. Leave the shampoo on hair for about 5 minutes while massaging it gently. Rinse it off with water. This is a gentle shampoo and can be used often.

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