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1 year ago

Good one


I love Himalaya products and they have not made me feel disappointed for choosing them. This Himalaya Hiora Toothpaste is specially designed for people who face sensitivity problems. My father in have sensitive teeth he prefers toothpaste which could solve the problem rather than going to a dentist. This toothpaste comes in a good, travel friendly packaging and I feel the price is affordable even though it is priced slightly expensive than the regular ones. The toothpaste cleans your mouth and keeps your mouth feel refreshed. It also subsides the pain caused by the sensitive tooth. It protects the enamel and prevents the sensitivity. Brush your teeth twice a day to get relief from this problem. It is more or less similar to the sensodyne toothpaste available. It not only protects the teeth from the tingling sensation caused when eating something hot or cold, but also prevents cavities and other gum related issues. It is herbal and there is no worries for side effects.

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