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1 year ago

Good taste


My husband consumes at least one cup of green tea everyday. He tries different brand and recently he gotTetley Green Tea With Lemon & Honey which has the blend of lemon and honey flavour added to the pure green tea. This flavor enhances its taste and aroma. Green tea is very essential for one's body to detoxify and purify the blood. It also gives us the energy and stamina to work and helps as to concentrate on our work. Due to stress, pollution and other environmental factors we easily lose our energy and feel tired. Drinking one cup of green Tea during that time brings you back to life as it replenishes water content in body. It is also Karen to help in reducing extra calories with regular exercise this green tea is safe for everyone to consume and there are no side effects. It also regulates the metabolism of one's body and helps in digestion. The aroma uplifts the mood and awakens your senses when you drink green tea early in the morning before you go for exercise.

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