VLCC Mulberry And Rose Face Wash Reviews

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1 year ago

Average product


VLCC manufactures beauty products that suits all types of skin. They mainly concentrate on skin and hair issues. This Mulberry And Rose Face Wash is specially crafted for giving a even tone and brighter complexion. It is made up of Mulberry and rose extracts. Mulberry is known to stop the production of melanin in skin which causes pigmentation in our skin. While the rose extracts add glow and brightness to our skin giving us a fair skin tone. It also contains antioxidants which fights against the skin damages. the product is a gentle cleanser that larthers well and remove the dirt, impurities, oil and grime from our skin. It contains parabens and an average effect of exfoliating dead skin cells but gives an instant brightness. the product does not dry out the skin and make them smooth and supple. This product does not cause any side effect but there is no permanent whitening and brightening of skin. You could see only temporary results and you will have to use it regularly to keep your skin clean and clear

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