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1 year ago

Amazing product but expensive


Ouai Hair Oil is the best oil that suits all types of hair. This oil is light weight and does not feel greasy even over oily hair. It is infused with hair nourishing ingredients that softens hair texture and gives a silky smooth appearance. This oil comes in a travel friendly small bottle with a pump dispenser which I like the most as it is helpful to take a little quantity of the oil and avoids wastage. The only down side of the oil that I feel about it is it's high price. Due to the price I don't use the oil on daily purpose. But it can be used like a hair serum to tame the frizzes and make hair more manageable. The oil also protects the colour of chemically treated hair and repairs the hair damages by penetrating hair shafts and strengthen them from within. It also forms a protective layer over each hair strand and forms an anti static effect that makes hair silky and does not mess it.

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