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1 year ago

Good color pay off


I would like to try any new eye beauty product that enters the stores and especially if it is an eye makeup product, then I will see to that I either try it on myself or get a review about the product from my friends before buying it for myself. This Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal is an amazing Kajal cum kohl that serves as both the products. this product is intensely pigmented and it also has castor oil infused in it which nourishes the eyes and cool them while coloring. The product comes in a pencil type packaging that has to be sharpened and it is the drawback that I find about the product as it leads to wastage of the kohl while sharpening. Also carrying the sharpener with you without forgetting it at home is difficult. The formula glides smoothly over the eyelids and offers an intense color that gives a bolder eye look. I like this product except for its pencil type packaging.

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