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1 year ago

Good one


I still remember the days when my mom used meera shikai for my hair. It is a messy process but she used to say that it is the natural and healthy way of cleansing the hair. This ayurvedic formula has been developed according to modern technology and is bottled as Meera Anti Dandruff Shampoo. I still love the products as it is completely herbal. This product comes in a opaque white plastic bottle that is travel friendly. The price is also affordable and you could get this product easily at stores. The shampoo lathers well and cleanses hair deeply. It also effectively removes the dandruff to an extent. The fragrance is also good and not overpowering. One downside of this shampoo is, it makes hair dryer than before. I usually apply oil one hour before shampooing at it makes my hair less dry after shampooing. Also, you will need a conditioner to soften hair and make them less frizzy.

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