Himalaya Herbals Sensi Relief Herbal Toothpaste Reviews

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1 year ago

Good one


Himalaya is not a new brand to me and it does not need any introduction I guess. This brand's products are really good and are available easily at an affordable price. This Himalaya Herbals Sensi Relief Herbal Toothpaste specially designed for people who suffers from sensitivity. My father in law has sensitivity issues so he always prefers toothpaste which soothes his pain and tingling sensation when he eat something hot or cold. This product contains ingredients that soothes the nerves of of teeth and prevents the sensitive issues. I too sometimes use sensitivity toothpaste when I feel that I need it. It has a good taste and combats the bad order of mouth. Mouth feels refreshing after brushing teeth with Himalaya toothpaste and I really like it. I have not noticed any whitening of teeth but it keeps the plague away. happy with the product. The product comes in a travel friendly tube packaging.

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